Month: July 2014

In Her Blood

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Baltimore has a 100-year history of boxing, which has fashioned over seven world champions and countless contenders. However, Baltimore’s boxing history is absent of a female presence. While Baltimore’s legacy of female less boxing continues, there are a few female contenders who are just born to box.




Chat Cafe: Episode 1 Reality TV: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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The Chat Cafe. Where real students talk about real issues. It’s what high school students really think.

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Trashy Fashion Show

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Not all trash is meant to be thrown away. Some students are finding it fashionable to keep it. Students at Sparrows Point high school are turning their trash into fashion.

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A Community’s Long Awaited Hospital

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In New Orleans East, a nine year effort to restore emergency care leads to a new hospital opening in June. The neighborhood where 77,000 people live, lost two health care facilities to flooding during Hurricane Katrina. The 215,000-square-foot New Orleans East Hospital is set to open June 26.

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Long Awaited, New Orleans East Hospital to Open in June from Shelby Boamah on Vimeo.

Pumkin Smash

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Students and teacher gathered to test the laws of physics at the Western School of Technology annual pumpkin smash. Students investigated the impact of physics by building containers that were crafted to protect pumpkins from smashing after being dropped eighty feet.

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